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Not a lot of people are familiar with Roll-on Roll-off (RO RO) shipping option but it's not something new and companies around the world has been using this service for years. This service is very popular with the car manufacturers when they need to move a large number of vehicles overseas. The vessel is equipped with ramps and the vehicles are driven on at the point of origin and driven off at the point of destination. The RO RO vessels usually have a few decks (levels) inside with different heights allowing for the transportation of not just the passenger cars but also much larger vehicles such as trucks, mobile cranes, boats, recreational vehicles, buses, etc.

RO RO service may be the best option for your shipment so check with us if this service is available for your destination. Also remember that it's based on the total size of your vehicle, so make sure to provide the accurate dimensions Length x Width x Height.

roll-on roll-off vehicle shipping

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